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“This book is a celebration of the organizations that work to protect the California coastline and its wildlife and reminds us of why we must continue to support this beautiful ecosystem and all of its inhabitants. Inspiring generations to come with the beauty of one-of-a-kind imagery only local wildlife heroes have access to. Each book will help these magnificent creatures to continue to thrive in their California native habitats.”

– Amber Beccera, President Marine Mammal Care Center


This beautiful 180 page hard cover book is a vibrant, full-color photographic journey across the California Coast providing an insider’s view of the local wildlife and the heroes working to care for it. Coastal California, The Wild Life captures the essence of California from its stunning ocean landscapes and breathtaking wilderness, to its unusual variety of flora and fauna unique to the geography and climate of our dynamic state. The highlight of this book is the many wildlife organizations whose incredible conservation work is featured. The majority of the proceeds from each book will go to support these organizations and their critical work in wildlife conservation.

180 pages | Over 250 photos | First Edition – W 11.25 x H 10.25
Beautiful over sized hard cover coffee table book


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San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife program is the primary resource for wild animal rehabilitation and conservation education in San Diego County. Each year, San Diego Humane Society gives more than 13,000 injured, orphaned and sick wild animals a second chance.

At its state-of-the-art Pilar & Chuck Bahde Wildlife Center in San Diego, injured and orphaned wildlife — from hummingbirds, doves and ducks, to rabbits, squirrels, skunks and opossums — can heal and grow in specially designed habitats that reduce stress and meet their unique needs before they are released back to the wild. The facility’s medical and surgical suites allow the wildlife veterinary team to perform advanced medical care for species of all shapes and sizes, including orthopedic repairs and acupuncture.

“The work of our medical staff and Project Wildlife volunteers is guided by one word: Compassion,” said Sr. Director of Project Wildlife, Jon Enyart, DVM. “It is through the unwavering compassion of our team and larger San Diego community that we are able to help more than 13,000 birds and mammals each year.”

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Make Your Donation of $120 or more.


By making a donation today, you will receive a thank you gift of our book Coastal California, The Wild Life in October. Your donation will help raise much needed funds for our critical wildlife conservation work.

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Make Your Donation of $120 or more and receive your limited edition copy of Coastal California, The Wild Life