The Great Peninsula

18O page stunning photographic journey across the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula. Lifelong local and professional photographer, Erik Jay captures the essence of the community from a local’s perspective.


The Wild Life

This beautiful 180 page hard cover book is a vibrant, full-color photographic journey across the California Coast providing an insider’s view of the local wildlife and the heroes working to care for it.

A majority of all proceeds of the presale of the book, Coastal California, The Wild Life, bought through this site link will be split between the participating organizations showcased in this book.

Photo by Erik Jay

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We are a boutique publisher. At PV Publications, our books and magazines are always created with the intent to do good. Everything we do captures the world we live in with a focus on the visual perspective.

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For Coastal California, The Wild Life, thank you to the amazingly talented individuals who showcase the beautiful world we live in through the eye of their camera lens. We cannot thank these men and women enough for their contributions to our books and their involvement with the organizations that they tirelessly work with. Whether they are taking photos of the land, sea or sky or the animals that live in it, they are creating and preserving history and making a profound contribution to tangible heritage for generations to come. The photographers in Coastal California have generously and selflessly donated all of the photography you see in this book to help out the organization or organizations they support. They show up on boats, sit around all night and they sit and they wait. Their patience and professionalism should be acknowledged and we thank them for their invaluable contributions to this book and the world. 

If you are a local photographer or would like more information about how to get your photography featured on one of our platforms, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

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