Main image photo credits: Andrew Toth, Jami Leslie Feldman, Jason Klassi, Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson

“Coastal California, The Wild Life is an opportunity to peek behind-the-scenes and catch a glimpse of the beauty that these conservationists work so hard to protect. The organizations featured in this book fight every day to ensure the survival of iconic California species. Viewing this one-of-a-kind photography allows us to be transported to these locations where we can truly appreciate this unique landscape and its inhabitants. I hope this will inspire you, as it does me, to want to protect them at all costs.”

—Jeff Corwin, Wildlife Biologist & Conservationist

Nine nonprofits, twenty photographers and Wildlife Nation tv host Jeff Corwin come together in this unprecedented photography book collaboration to literally save California’s wildlife. This beautiful 220 page oversized hardcover book is a vibrant, full-color photographic journey across the California Coast providing an insider’s view of the local wildlife and the heroes working to care for it. 

Just in time for the holidays, this book not only makes the perfect gift for anyone but also gives back with a majority of the profits going back to the organizations featured in it. You can see a sneak peek of the book HERE.


Make a donation today, you will receive a thank-you-gift-book, Coastal California, The Wild Life. Your donation will help raise much needed funds for critical wildlife conservation work done by these organizations

It’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone that loves California or the wildlife in it! Donation goes directly through the organizations at the link below.  

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*For tax purposes, the retail value of this book is $50.

“An unprecedented collaboration of nine wildlife organizations and 20 world-class wildlife photographers to benefit and support the wildlife living on the California coastline.”

Participating Organizations

A majority of all proceeds of the sale of this book will be split between these participating organizations.